Who's your daddy?

Welcome to Captain of Division Awesome, a small, silly, and colourful tribute to Kurosaki Isshin from the manga Bleach. This site is very out of date – so while it does contain spoilers for the first 250(ish?) chapters of Bleach, it completely ignores anything after that, because it hadn't been released when I put this site together. That said, this site focuses entirely on Isshin – this is not the place to come for an overview of Bleach (and it also completely ignores the anime. Now that Bleach has finished I might (might) someday finish reading the series and bring this site up to date. But I'm not making any promises. Just be aware that some information and speculation is probably wrong but Bleach ended up a huge mess anyway so it's probably appropriate that CoDA is full of out of date ramblings that may have been better kept to a private conversation. Kubo, what even.

Hate the game, not the player