Welcome to rydia.nu. This is a personal domain that I use to talk about various things that I like. more?

Howling Moon


Red XIII/Nanaki

Is it a dog? Is it a cat? Is it a plane? No! It's a talking lion like but wolf like creature. I hope that clears it up. Red is what you see - a mysterious and intelligent four legged creature who is sadly neglected by the Compilation of FFVII because he's difficult to animate. Much like women, I hear.

Through The Ruin Grey



Beatrix is one of the more minor characters in Final Fantasy IX - although she is someone hugely important to more than one of the main party. First introduced as an antagonist, Beatrix is un unbeatable opponent - the greatest knight in her realm and she knows it.

Human Grace


Kain Highwind

My fav backdownstabbing dragoon. Kain's angst and tragedy just speaks to me on a level I don't want to analyse closely. His feelings of jealously, inadequacy, resentment, they're just #sorelatable, and he's been one of my all time favourite characters for over 20 years.



Kurosaki Isshin

Full title: Captain of Division Awesome. A big ol' spoiler for Bleach, but does anyone care anymore? (I wanted to make a 'Daddy' joke but the 'daddy' thing skeeves me out because that's actually what I called my dad growing up.) So anyway Isshin is great, visit this site.

Chasing A Starlight


Sheena Fujibayashi

My favourite character from Tales of Symphonia is Sheena – she who wears a huge pink bow, is a ninja, fights with cards, and is a summoner. She's great. This site has been around for about 14 years, incredibly enough, and I still love her.


A FRESH START. Made for the Flower Garden Layout Marathon at the Rose Keep. A fitting marathon – after much pondering about what I'd like this domain to be, and with rydia having just changed hosts, I do feel like this layout marks a fresh start.